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Beautiful Drawings by Cj Hendry

Cj Hendry on vimeo

For more drawings Her instagram.

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Google Doodle takes a jab at Russian anti-gay law


Could it be? 

Did Google find a way to celebrate the Winter Olympics and take a subtle jab at the archaic Russian anti-gay laws? Today’s Google Doodle highlights various competitions with a background gradient that matches the sequence and colors of the rainbow flag.

Coincidence or clever design? You decide



Yelena Mizulina, presidente della commissione sulla famiglia e autrice del disegno di legge “contro la propaganda omosessuale” varato da Putin, sostiene che sia troppo tardi per salvare gli adulti omosessuali, ma che la Russia ha ancora una chance di crescere una “generazione pura”. 
A voi davvero queste parole non ricordano nulla? #iosochisbaglia

    howl's moving castle -  scenery

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are you fucking queer ? !

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You didn’t expect it to end happily, did you?


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Trendgraphy Shop: 8 Handmade Valentine’s Insignias.

Do you want 8 handmade valentine insignias (plus 2 variants making 10 insignias). Then you can get it for $10. Ready to use for brochures, web, banners, or any thing that your company or you as a designer need.

The illustrator file is fully editable and you can use it on photoshop and make awesome images likes the ones above.

See more items on Trendgraphy Shop very soon :)

Download this Valentine’s badges here:

sem título by sandy honig on Flickr.

sem título by sandy honig on Flickr.


mont-blanc, mon amour (by kygp)

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